What we do!

Here at JR Healthcare Solutions we believe that the future of healthcare looks very different to what it does now. To that end, our goal is to improve supply chain efficiency in healthcare. We believe that, by applying proven methodologies and plans from other areas of industry into healthcare, everybody reaps the benefits. We can reach a new era in efficiency and potentially revolutionize the healthcare supply chain as we know it.

There are numerous challenges in the healthcare supply chain that we hope to address with our new methods. Supply sometimes exceeds demand and vice versa, transportation costs of vital goods can be excessive, communication between suppliers and healthcare providers can often be difficult  – but we aim to eliminate these problems one at a time, through systematic review and improvement similar to what you might find in other industries. We look at each section of the supply chain on an individual basis and in meticulous detail, to try and identify problems so that we can then find the solutions that work best for everybody.

At JR Healthcare Solutions we collaborate with manufacturers, hospitals, distributors, and the rest of the supply chain to eliminate some of the excess cost, time and energy. We believe that our combination of collaboration and technology application can revolutionize the healthcare industry and change the way we see healthcare as a whole. We can do this by opening up the lines of communication between manufacturers/distributors and providers.

We established our company in 2018 with the express desire to make the world of healthcare a better place for everyone. We focus on healthcare supply chains, reducing costs, patient safety and improving the level of overall care throughout the system. 

To be successful we must form a sort of 'tribe'... like a team of like-minded healthcare professionals.  We are looking for partner companies – and that could be you! If you are passionate, driven and want to use your healthcare company to make a difference in the world then we need you! Collaboration is mutually beneficial, and you might even find that your company picks up a few good habits along the way!

You can find out more about JR Healthcare Solutions by perusing our website at your leisure. However, should you have any specific comments, questions or queries, you can contact us . Likewise, if you want to become part of our exciting new venture and help us to revolutionize healthcare please do not hesitate to get in touch! We would love to share some of our innovations, and better yet, go forward into the future of healthcare, together.