3 steps to collaboration

Supply chains are everywhere - from the biggest companies in the world to running a household. We all experience supply chain in some form even if we don’t know what exactly it is.

Technological advances have made it easier than ever before to improve communication and collaboration across the supply chain—and many industries are taking note. Streamlining your supply chain can greatly cut costs, increase profits, and improve efficiency while adding value to consumers.

Unfortunately, while some industries harness technology for their advancement, others lag behind. While the medical device industry seems focused on new technology, this isn’t reflected in their supply chains.  

This lack of innovation is disheartening in its own right, but it is even more troubling when you consider the industry medical devices serve. Healthcare itself is always innovating and moving forward. If the medical field can collaborate to produce the cost-effective healthcare that millions of Americans rely on each year, then medical device supply chains should be able to collaborate to produce an efficient, cost-saving supply chain.  

Here are 3 easy steps to take to start a collaboration:

1.   Identify a customer and product

2.   Analyze your value opportunity

3.   Schedule a discussion with your customer to share your value opportunity and learn from each other

Now we’re turning this back on you. What do you think?

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